Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28th - 31 weeks

We're on the homestretch! Just 8 or 9 more weeks and our little guy will be here.

I was looking at my Lilypie counter... today it says he's about 17", 4lbs and sleeping a lot due to lack of space? Um, Lilypie has this one wrong! This kid moves all the's like he's eager to break out by punching at my stomach. Last night, lying in bed, he kicked my rib so hard, I lost my breath! Geez, kid - easy now!

I went to the doctor on base yesterday...I've had a lot of trouble with my ears over the last 2 years, but over the past several months, it's gotten worse. He said I have Eustation Tube Dysfunction. I have no idea how common this is, or how it's going to get better....he loaded me up with Claritin, some nasal spray sterioids, and some other type of nasal spray - hopefully this will correct the problem! It's frustrating not being able to hear or feeling like you're constantly underwater.

We're waiting to hear any day about our pending move and new assignment.....I hope we can move soon so that we can get settled before the baby gets here - but we'll just be happy to have peace that he still has a job in the Air Force....I can deal with most everything else regarding moving/not moving/baby coming on our report date etc.

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