Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let the blogging begin...

28 Weeks!

How did I get here so fast? It's been quite the ride over the past 28 weeks....

We're looking forward to the baby's arrival, but we're also looking forward to being settled at our new base with our new assignment. I look back at April last year...Jaye was at OTS, and I was waiting and hoping that time would fly by so that we could be at Sheppard AFB and get started with pilot training. Everything over the past year has been waiting and hoping that time would fly by so that we could get to the next stage.... But now I see how fast time really has gone by over the past year.... I wish it would slow down a little bit. I mean, I'm so excited about the baby arriving, but I just don't want to rush it, so that I can enjoy every minute.

It's been so hard and so good over the past few months. Even in trials, the Lord has blessed us so much with an awesome church here in Wichita Falls - It will be hard to leave them, just like it was hard to leave our church in Melbourne.

Our next ultrasound is on April 15th - We're hoping to get a good report at this visit! The gall bladder was enlarged at the last visit, so we're praying it's resolved itself and that we'll be good to go!

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